Nobody got time for long bios. This is me in 100 words:

I love photography because there's nothing I enjoy doing more from start to finish.
I spend alot of time travelling between Vancouver and Australia to see my partner.
Staying active (and photography) keeps me sane.
I am built for warmer climates because my toes lose all sensation when it's below 15 degrees.
I love ice cream and fried chicken. In that order.

I realize you don't care how much I know until you know I care.

That's why my goal is to surprise you with photos you didn't even know you wanted until I showed them to you. These are the photos that get to the heart of who you are, the people you're with and the ideas you have. I'll give you the guidance you need, while also keeping it relaxed and stress free.

Evidence of me in the wild:

Sophie Phan Photography

Couples Helicopter Sessions