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Hey there! I'm Sophie. 

Vancouver adventurer, wandering traveller and freelance photographer. My passions for travelling and thrill seeking has led me to pursue photography wholeheartedly.

In 2017, I packed my bags and went travelling through Australia and Asia for a year. The experience has changed my perception about the most valuable currency that we have on Earth; Time. I will never trade my time for what doesn't fuel my soul again. (No more layovers, I'm a non-stop kinda girl). Thankfully, my interests in photography peaked when I needed a creative purpose. I found myself obsessively immersed in nature and finding solitude every week hiking through new trails, or roaming freely through rainy Vancouver streets. By wanting to create timeless memories to share with others and to talk about, I picked up a camera and now I'm a Travel Photographer.

I've expanded and these are some of the other creative services I offer: 

  • Photography (Content creation, Engagement, and Events)
  • Branding Services (Website design and Photography packages available)
  • Travel Campaigns

Am I missing something? Let me know and let's bounce some ideas off each other!