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Follow me and see where my next stop is!

What's my story?

With a passion for exploring unknown territories and photography, I wanted to share with people all the places that my adventurous soul takes me. So, I bought myself a camera on Christmas Eve and spent the entire day learning my new craft. 

Through photography, I want to create a compelling story that underlines connection in our world. What is the common ground we all have as humans and how can we improve even 1% better for society? How can we be better connected in a world that's already making it easier, digitally? Where can we go if we want to disconnect for a little bit? 

I'm currently on a working holiday in Australia and as a result, I'll be sharing my travelling experiences through my blog. You can find different suggestions throughout my travels, like the best activities for adrenaline junkies and tips for travellers going abroad. I'll still be sharing my thoughts on social media and you can follow along! 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sofaephan
Instagram: @soph.phan
Twitter: @imsophiephan